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Membership Officer Jim Paul Scheiner

Anthem H.O.G. Membership
Before you can join Anthem H.O.G. you must be a current National H.O.G. Member.

Click on the following link to view the National H.O.G. Website.

You will need to have the following information to complete the application:
For a Full Membership –
Have your motorcycle Vin Number (Harley Davidson/Buell)

For Associate Membership –
Have your sponsoring full Member’s H.O.G. number.

When you receive your National H.O.G. card in the mail or as soon as you know your National H.O.G. Membership #, please click the link below for the Anthem Local H.O.G. 2376 Membership form.

Print out and complete the application and then bring it in along with your dues to the Dealership anytime during business hours. You can also bring your form and dues to our next H.O.G. Meeting if you like.

Our H.O.G. Chapter Meetings are held on the third Saturday of the month  from 10am – 11am at the Dealership.

Buddy Stubbs Anthem Harley-Davidson

1715 N. 41st Dr. Anthem, AZ. 85086.

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Tuesday 9:00AM – 6:00PM
Wednesday 9:00AM – 6:00PM
Thursday 9:00AM – 6:00PM
Friday 9:00AM – 6:00PM
Saturday 9:00AM – 6:00PM
Sunday 10:00AM – 4:00PM



So… why join Anthem HOG 2376?


We have a brand new year stretching out before us like the wicked curves of the infamous ˜Tail of the Dragon™ (US129 North Carolina-Tennessee).  There are going to be those crazy times where we are wide eyed and white knuckled as we hang on to the handlebars for dear life as we lean, twist and wind our way through what promises to be an action packed 2016. There will also be those times where the cruise control is set and we are settled into that padded backrest, cruiser pegs out, and with your fender fluff resting lovingly on your shoulder.

The alternative, however, is to keep finding excuses to leave that bike parked in the garage, and miss out on it all, walking by all that leather and chrome morning and evening as you get into the car and head into the daily grind of living your life. But is that really living? Are you living just to die, or would you rather live and extract all the joy you can get out of that day as if you were dying? We all know how fantastic it feels to be flying down the road with the wind in your hair and the scenery blurring by like a live watercolor painting. But NONE of this is possible if you don’t get out there and ride.

This is what the Anthem Harley Owners Group (HOG) is all about. To some of you, we are preaching to the choir, but this year your Anthem HOG Officers are shaking things up and breathing new life and excitement into the Chapter, and one of those changes involve a more aggressive and proactive membership drive. These Chapter Chatters will continue to be used not only to recap and inform our current members of activities, rides and events, but also as a recruitment tool to showcase our great Chapter and illustrate to other riders just how much fun, adventure, and excitement our Anthem HOG Chapter has month after month. So after you read your copy of the Chatter, pass it along to a Harley-owning friend and encourage them to shake the dust off that steel horse, saddle up, and come out and join you at an Anthem event!

It is just a fact that those who join and take advantage of a local HOG Chapter (There are 1400 worldwide) are much more likely to get out there and hit the road, racking up those memorable and scenic miles, and taking in Gods country in a way that just can’t be compared to driving around while trapped in cage! Riding alone has its merits from time to time, but there just isn’t anything quite like the fellowship of a group of HOG riders who consistently share the road, the miles, the scenery, the sense of adventure and exploration, and most of all the endless fun that begins anew each time we call for, Kickstands Up!

One thing I really love about riding with my HOG Chapter is found in a concept known as, 1-Group, 1-Sound. This is the closest thing to synesthesia that many of us will ever experience and can only be truly appreciated in person. It is that intense collective sound that comes together from the resonance of multiple bike exhausts, all of which all add their unique, individual notes to what becomes a magnificent, percussive symphony as we ride down the road together as one group.

What other benefits, reasons and rewards are there for joining your local Anthem HOG Chapter?

Camaraderie, friendship, the sense of community that develops from the strong bonds connecting HOG members who share a common passion of riding, opportunities to give back through Anthem’s many charitable events, sharing in the excitement of combining an afternoon ride with a group of friends as you get involved with fun programs like the ABC’s of Touring, HOG Mileage Program, HOG Rallies, Million Mile Monday, Hogs & Dogs, Bikini Bike Wash, Chili Cook-off, and many other special and exclusive Anthem events.

Anthem HOG members will get to know the staff at the Buddy Stubbs Anthem Harley Davidson Dealership on a personal basis, and they will get to know you! This kind of customer relationship is rare, and through these great employees you now have access to a wealth of knowledge about your bike, top notch service, parts and chrome galore, HD clothes, accessories, and a great deal on your trade in or even when the time comes for a new bike (or Trike!).

Anthem has rolled out their Customer Loyalty Rewards Program, and customers will accumulate reward points for the purchases that they make at a Buddy Stubbs HD Dealership. The loyalty rewards will replace the previous discount program. Anthem HOG members will also receive extra points for all kinds of HOG and Dealership related activities like attending HOG meetings, going on certain rides, participating in events, and who knows what else they will offer us as the year unfolds.

These points are accumulated and then can be used to discount future purchases, benefiting both the members and the Dealership, without whom we wouldn’t have our great Anthem HOG Chapter. Other benefits include improving your riding skills (through ride experience and safety programs offered by Anthem), general knowledge about motorcycles and riding, adding accessories, boosting performance, enhancing comfort, advice from other members, and the development of friendships that can last a lifetime.

We don’t just show up at a meeting and then reappear a month later here at Anthem. We ride almost weekly and get together on a personal basis all the time. We have people over to our houses for parties, celebrations, and bbq’s and we share a special bond that you just won’t find elsewhere. These are people who come together to help one another, whether attending a memorial service for a fallen friend, helping a fellow member move into a new house, lend a hand to do some work on or give advice about someone’s bike, and Anthem HOG is there for you.

Anthem HOG is a 1-stop shop when it comes to bringing people and motorcycles together. For those of you who keep saying you will check out a HOG Chapter someday, that time is now. A parked motorcycle is a crying shame, a missed opportunity, a lost adventure, an overlooked friendship, a neglected stress reliever that is cheaper and better than therapy, and may even be illegal in several states!

As the new Anthem HOG Membership Officer, I encourage you to break the cycle of boredom, top off the tank, and come and see who we are and why you should join us as we ride to live and live to ride. I challenge you to try something new this year. Come to a meeting, a ride, an event, or a rally. Once you do, you won’t understand why you didn’t do it sooner. To be a Local HOG member your National dues must be current, and our Anthem local dues are a bargain at only $24 for the year.

If you have any questions at all about joining the Anthem Harley Owners Group, please feel free to drop me a line anytime at This is the opportunity you have been waiting for, so this time, don’t let it pass you by. Here at Anthem, we ride… to ride another day!

Jim Swan AKA “Swannee”
HOG 2376 – Buddy Stubbs Anthem – Membership Officer