Ladies of Harley –  LOH@Anthemhog.com
Welcome to ANTHEM H.O.G. Ladies of Harley

Paula Heintze “Trooper” – LOH Officer

Ladies of Harley (LOH) is a group of female Harley Davidson enthusiasts who promote activities and adventures from within a local HOG chapter. The members of LOH run their own meetings and sponsor activities that both ladies and men can participate in.

LOH is any lady that belongs to HOG and has a full, lifetime or associate membership and wishes to participate in the female forum. The members can be either drivers or passenger as long as they are willing to participate. LOH promotes participation by ladies in the world of Harley Davidson. Sometimes sports activities can become dominated by men, i.e., basketball, football, skiing, mountain climbing and etc. Since HOG is all about having family fun, the auxiliary group LOH was formed to provide an avenue for the ladies.

Contact Anthem H.O.G. Chapter for details or contact  LOH@Anthemhog.com about joining Ladies of Harley.



To the Ladies of Harley:

Look at the information below. We are setting up a Ladies of Harley ride to this event

If you are interested, please email me, or contact me ASAP. I will be at meeting on Saturday 2/15. Paula