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As a chapter, we currently work with and collect donations for a charity in the Phoenix area.  St. Mary’s Food Bank  Check our calendar for information for dates/times/locations where we will be collecting donations for this very worthy cause.

St Mary’s Food Bank

As a Chapter we have been supporting St Mary’s Food Bank since 2010, we do this through chapter fundraising collecting food and donations as well as our Annual Desert Ride. This event is held to benefit the efforts of St Mary’s Food Bank, in their endeavor to help the feed families in need through out the state. They employ and train in their Phoenix kitchen to give the culinary skills needed to go out and find a career in the food industry.

Check Fake 3They have catering capabilities as well and you can contact them to ask about this great service while helping the students and feeding the hungry. Anthem Hog #2376 feels that we can do the most good in supporting St Mary’s in everyone’s most basic need, Food!!

All of this helps the Families in the state of Arizona. Oh and whatever you give is tax deducible. Plus if you just want to donate money they can buy the things that they are really low on. With their association with large distributors their buying power is greater than yours of mine. For every dollar you donate they can provide 7 meals for a hungry family in the state.   So Please write a check out to St Mary’s Food Bank and help us Help those in need. Nobody wants to go to bed hungry.

Thank you