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   Greeting Chapter members of #2376, I know it’s been awhile since we’ve shared each other’s company and camaraderie. These are indeed strange , unfamiliar times. The state of Arizona is currently in a restrictive stage asking its citizens to keep gatherings to less than 10 people while maintaining distance between each other in public. We have recently seen a loosening of some restrictions as businesses such as restaurants have begun to open for indoor seating after a period of takeout only. Our group prides itself on its reputation of being “the Chapter that rides” and due to the restrictive controls that have been placed on social gatherings and public interactions we have currently suspended our Chapter sanctioned rides. 

    I reached out to our Officer staff recently and asked to have a meeting Saturday June 20th in our H.O.G. room. After talking to several other officers we felt it was necessary to have this meeting to discuss how the Chapter would respond to the loosening of the pandemic protocols and ease back into a more recognizable routine. I believe we had a very productive meeting and discussed at length Chapter business and how our rides would be handled going forward. Since much of our meeting centered around resuming “official” Chapter  rides I copied/ pasted some guidelines from our Head Road Captain Potter. These are just ideas how the Road Captain team can ensure the safety of our membership and the general public. We ask that if you consider to join us in a Chapter ride you understand that as your Chapter Officer team we think these guidelines will help minimize potential exposure and also allow us to get back to what we do best.

    There is an understanding that each of us has their own perspective and concerns regarding their own well being . No one will be judge if they feel uncomfortable interacting at this time, these are strange, unfamiliar times. We do ask if you are participating in official Chapter rides you practice the latest recommended CDC protocols and take steps to protect yourself and others (if you feel ill, stay home) wear protective gloves while fueling, be aware when touching things such as doors and public restrooms. We’re an all volunteer group and hope to enact safe practicable guidelines but not restrictive rules. The following is new criterion for our Road Captain team so that all members know the depth of your officers resolve to keep your safety foremost in our decisions.

Talking Points

– Shorten the time between meet time and KSU. Recommendation:  15 minutes. Example:  Meet time at 8 a.m., KSU = 8:15 a.m.

– Road Captains should model safe behavior at all times. Example:  wear a mask OR social distance when interacting with riders when stopped.

– Rider sign in sheets should only be filled out by the Road Captain. 

– Road Captains should bring a couple of extra pens/pencils so that guests may fill out the liability waiver.

– Road Captains should review the route and the planned stops. Are restrooms available? Is the “picnic” location suitable for outside dining? Do restaurants offer takeout? Are restaurant employees wearing masks? etc.

– Limit the size of the riding group to no more than 10 bikes. For rides with 11 or more bikes, break up into two separate groups and stagger the departure of the second group by five minutes. 

– For rides consisting of more than one group: The Road Captain leads the first group and the sweep Road Captain trails the second group. This may require two additional members to serve as a temporary sweep Road Captain to trail the first group and another temporary Road Captain to lead the second group. 

– Safety briefings should include the following line (or something like it):  “If you don’t feel well, please reconsider riding with the group.” 

     In closing many of our members have continued to ride despite the pandemic. We have seen solo rides and small groups keeping in touch through social media to plan and discuss destinations, dates and times. An interesting development of all this has been the picnic ride. We have had picnic rides in the past but there seems to me at least this could be a fun way to have destinations that are off the beaten path. My belief is if we open our minds and broaden our thinking we can expand our possibilities. I love riding and Arizona is still pretty new to me but sometimes we are forced to use the same routes because in part our options are limited. Our Head Road Captain has put a lot of effort into our Chapter and I believe he deserves that recognition, thank you Potter. I want to remind the Chapter we are always looking for people interested in being Road Captains.

   “Look ahead, stay alert, check behind”– 
Al Harper
Anthem HOG #2376